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Texas OSHA Training

Our parent company, PBSA Inc. also offers OSHA approved OSHA Online Safety Training. If you need Texas OSHA training, a Texas OSHA 10 Hour Card or Texas OSHA 30 Card, visit the main website by clicking the banner below.

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Our TABC Certification online course offers 24 hour telephone support!

We offer 24/7 telephone support if you need it. We know you seldom work a 9-5 workday and we are here when you need us!

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Welcome to our TABC Certification & Food Safety Website!

Welcome to the TABC Training dot org website. We hope to be your one-stop shop for the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) certification program.

Our TABC Certification course is 100% online and can be taken at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.This website is owned by Professional Bartending Schools of America (PBSA). PBSA trains over 25,000 servers of alcohol each year nationwide in our bartending schools and online through our websites. Our instructors are certified instructors with TIPS, ServSafe and TABC responsible alcohol programs.

The use of our TABC Certification websites for online TABC certification is growing rapidly daily. The cost of gasoline and the time to register for a class and drive to a training facility make the online TABC training course a logical choice. In addition, taking the course online allows you to take the course at your own pace and at your own time in the comfort of your home.

Our online TABC Certification program is a high quality course that meets the State of Texas requirements. Our TABC license is #454-508.

This online TABC course is used and accepted by the nation's largest food and beverage employers. Look at the great companies to the left that have used this program for their food safety manager certification and TABC alcohol certification needs.

TABC Certification online for bartenders, waiters, waitresses, bus staff, management and retail operations.Our online TABC Certification course is approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes long. The Texas TABC law allows up to 6 hours to take the course online, in one sitting.

You may pause the course to take a break during this time. You will also have plenty of time to review any segment that you want, to make sure you understand it.

Once you have completed the online TABC training, you simply take a short exam online and you may then print out your TABC Certification immediately! You will receive a permanent copy by US mail within 5 to 14 days depending on your location.

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Texas Food Handler Card FAQS

We are now offering the Learn2Serve Texas Food Handler Course that is valid in the entire state of Texas combined with the TABC alcohol certification course for only $23.95!

The Texas Food Handler course is required for all employees who handle food in the state of Texas. This special saves you $10.00 and gives you both required training courses on one website.

Your TABC Certification is valid for two years from the date of issue. We will also submit your training information to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Online TABC Certification course by Professional Bartending Schools of AmericaOnce the TABC enters your information into their database, you will be able to get replacement TABC licenses if you need one.

The TABC also requires that you submit your correct social security number and state ID or drivers license. This is a state law and the registration page is secure.

Take your TABC training online from a source you can trust.

We live and work in the food and beverage industry every day. PBSA is the nations largest trainer of professional bartenders. Visit their bartending school website!

Texas Food Safety Manager Certification Online

Now you can earn your Texas food safety manager certification entirely online anytime. The comprehensive online exam and optional prep course were created by Learn2Serve and the exam is fully approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services (formerly TDH) and accepted statewide in Texas!

We offer Texas food safety certification and Texas food handler training. We know what it takes to get you educated and certified with the Texas Department of State Health Services.

The Learn2Serve Food Safety Manager Certification Examination is a Texas Department of State Health Services approved Food Protection Management Examination.

When you score a 70% or higher on the exam, an electronic certificate will be available for download.

With the Learn2Serve complete Texas Food Safety Manager Certification program, you may take the prep course and/or the exam separately or as a package. For more information....

Texas OSHA Safety Training Online Courses

OSHA 10 Hour Card - OSHA Campus Online offers the Texas OSHA 10 Hour Card online. The Texas OSHA 10 Hour Card is practically required in for anyone working on public construction contracts. The Texas OSHA 10 Hour Card is offered in both 10 Hour construction and 10 hour general industries courses.

OSHA 30 Hour Card - OSHA Campus Online also offers the Texas OSHA 30 Hour Card online. The Texas OSHA 30 Hour Card is offered in both 30 Hour construction and 30 hour general industries courses.

OSHA HazWoper Training Online - OSHA Campus Online also offers the OSHA 40 Hour HazWoper training online.

HAZWOPER 40 Hour is required for employees working on a project consisting of Uncontrolled Hazardous Waste Operation mandated by the Government.

This course is specifically designed for workers who are involved in clean-up operations, voluntary clean-up operations, emergency response operations, and storage, disposal, or treatment of hazardous substances or uncontrolled hazardous waste sites.

If you are in need of OSHA-approved OSHA Training Online, OSHA Campus Online is the provider you can trust!

If you are in need of a Los Angeles Bartending School, we recommend the National Bartenders LA bartending school.